Recruitment & Headhunting

We start the selection process by precisely identifying the client. Our priority is to get to know your company thoroughly, understand your functioning, perceive your values, your vision and your business.

We care about creating mutual trust, which is a prerequisite for success in finding your new colleagues. We operate on the Slovak, Central and Eastern European labour market, which we know in detail thanks to our many years of experience in the HR business.

After thoroughly identifying your company and your HR needs, we will propose a suitable tool for selecting your new colleague.

  • Recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Headhunting

Evaluation and Developmental diagnostics

We will provide you with a more comprehensive view through a certified battery of your colleagues, co-workers and candidates through psychodiagnostic tools.

What is it for and why is it important?
An objective assessment that complements and validates the hypotheses set out in the candidate’s or employee’s diagnostic process. It is an integral part of the selection procedure.

The diagnostic battery consists of psychological tests, personality questionnaires, structured interviews and evaluation exercises that allow to assess skills, knowledge, personality traits, work preferences and other valid factors related to the candidate or employee.

The diagnostic process is oriented towards different employee groups:

  • Management
  • Retail
  • Specialists
  • Talents
  • Candidates

Together, we will identify solutions for your challenges and move you forward

If you have any questions, needs or interest in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our recruitment agency will help you find talent, provide expert advice and effective solutions for your business.